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Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC Marketing or Search Engine Marketing allows you to advertise your business across search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is a huge opportunity for SMBs, it is like having a store on the busiest street in the world and all of the potential customers are already interested in your products/services. PPC Marketing is the easiest way to increase relevant traffic to your website as your ads will only be triggered by users who search for the keywords that are in your marketing campaign.

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SiteWit Features

SiteWit is the leading Search Engine Marketing campaign management software, that is used to automate Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns across Google, Bing and Yahoo. SiteWit's technology continually analyzes website content and traffic data for patterns that drive automated keyword selection, bidding, ad creation, and campaign optimization to increase the ROI for business owners. SiteWit has Google Adwords certified advisers waiting to help you from start to finish with your online marketing experience, it is risk free with no contracts or hidden fee's giving users the best chance to be successful.

Fast Setup and Easy Monitoring

It just takes 5 minutes to set up a SiteWit campaign. SiteWit is very easy to drive and maintain. It automatically organizes your campaign.

Automatic and Daily Optimization

The management software uses refined technology and algorithms that optimize a campaign over time. SiteWit helps you gain a deep understanding of visitor engagement.

Maximize Engagement and ROI

The Engagement Index score helps you understand how a visitor engages with your website. A better understanding of which keywords perform better than others will help you maximize your budget.